Online Meditation, Pranayama and Nidra yoga?

Would you like to learn how to meditate? Or learn Pranayama (Yogi Breathwork). Are you looking for a peaceful mind? Choose then one of our online meditation and pranayama classes!

2024 I teach single classes in Pranayama and Yoga Nidra online. I’m looking forward to seeing you at my classes. Check them out here

Meditation brings you back to the centre of your being. During this online class, you can experience meditation and learn how to rest within. Mindfulness helps you de-stress and work with negative thoughts.

Online classes

This online class helps you to bring structure to your chaos of thoughts.
It helps you concentrate, dissolves stress, and brings space to your life, resulting in joy, love, serenity, and creation.

Many times your attentions go to your friends, partner, parents and work. When was it the last time you gave attention to your self?

If you think about it? It is strange that zo often you do not give the same attention to yourself as to all others.

One-day retreat or a weekend retreat (Next retreats are coming on 3-5 January 2025 and May 2025 you can check here when the next retreat is. )

During a one-day retreat or a weekend retreat, you choose a vacation for yourself. Throughout this time, we are alert and observe who you are and what you need. And you have time to reflect on yourself, being you.

The one-day retreat is partly in silence for some of the time. Also called noble silence or Mauna. In this way, you can deeply rest and surrender and bring space to what needs to be seen and experience some silence. If you have any question about it, please contact me.

Noble silence means:

  • not talking
  • no use of your smartphone, music, e-reader etc.
  • you CAN make use of a diary (pen and paper).
  • attention is focused on yourself

I hope to welcome you at one of my online classes

Dhyan Meinoud

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