The joy of watching, how wheat is growing

Today I have this deep longing for another long silent retreat.

Last year I was in Rishikesh by this time of the year. And I felt so much gratitude for life as it is including everything from sorrow to joy. The most vivid thing I remember from this 30 days silent meditation retreat just outside of Rishikesh, the luck to see how wheat grows.

First, the men come, and they plough the fields with their oxen.
Then the woman comes in groups, chatting, smiling, laughing and working hard to make the big chunks of clay and soil smaller with sticks. I imagine it is hard work, but also I see the joy of working together.

After that, a few women come to sow grain.

Every day, I see women going to the forest to pick up leaves for their cows and firewoods.

The field is put underwater for a little bit, and then after some time, the first green leaves of wheat are popping up.

The joy of being present! 

Next 21 meditation course is: on 3 June 2021 still possible to sign up

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