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Seeking relief from morning anxiety?

Embrace peace and focus with our 21-day morning meditation course.

Break Free from autopilot and Rediscover Yourself with Daily Meditation

Living on autopilot can make you feel absent, causing you to lose connection with yourself, your children, and your partner.

It's a painful experience that can leave you unhappy and dissatisfied, but you may not be sure why.

Mental clutter, burnout, anxiety, and negative thoughts can occur more frequently, and you may feel like life is passing you by without awareness.

Understanding yourself, your needs, boundaries, and values can be challenging, and you may often cross your limits, which causes pain to yourself and those you love.

If this sounds familiar, don't worry.

Daily meditation can help you break free from autopilot and connect with yourself deeper.

It can give you the energy and clarity you need to enjoy activities with your partner and children.

So, take control of your thoughts and emotions with daily meditation, and start living a happier, more fulfilling life. Don't let life pass you by.


Now first 5 before work mornings for free

Transform Your Life and Discover the Power of Daily Live Guided Meditation

  • Reduced stress and a calmer mind allow you to be less "on."
  • Improved focus and concentration, making you less sensitive to distractions.
  • Inner peace, relieving burdens and offering a sense of freedom.
  • Better sleep.
  • Reduced irritability.
  • Increased satisfaction and zing for life provide more energy to engage with your children.
  • Enhanced relationships with your partner and friends as you gain better self-understanding.
  • Clarity and creativity.

Your strength lies in connecting students with inner silence in a simple way. And your guidance is relaxed and warm. The group energy and the consistent daily structure are supportive. Always a beautiful start to the day! What I take from your courses is that I meditate daily myself. Namaste!

Indra BoseIndra BoseOrganizer of Yoga Festival Terschelling

Transform Your Mornings and Experience Peace and Focus with Live Guidance!

Join my 21-day morning before work meditation course with live guidance through Zoom starting September 2, 2024.

Build a solid foundation for your meditation practice and cultivate mindfulness, clarity of mind, and overall well-being.

The course takes place the morning before your workday. Many people repeat this course because it is a deep transformation. 

Let's embark on this journey together and experience the positive results of the transformative power of meditation in your daily life.

I was fortunate to come across Dhyan on my path. I have been meditating for many years, but all the things happening in the world lately made it difficult for me to find the peace of mind to return to my meditation routine. I only attended four classes (online and in Karunika-Amsterdam) with Dhyan, and I am very grateful to say that I have found the peace I needed to return to my meditation path. Dhyan is a great teacher, and his classes are always a beautiful experience that I highly recommend.

Karen Muñoz CárdenasKaren Muñoz Cárdenas

Overcoming Meditation Obstacles Together

Do you know that many people who try to meditate by themselves through an app or on their own often give up after a few days because they find it too challenging? Or they never make progress in their practice stuck in the same level.

If you're one of those people, I'm here to help.

I have assisted many participants, both young and old, to truly experience the benefits of meditation and how it can bring a sense of clarity and peace into their daily lives.

During these 21 mornings, you'll learn to be fully present and enjoy life fully.

A year ago, I started with Dhyan's daily online meditations. Now, it's an indispensable part of my life. Dhyan guides me with a gentle yet confident hand on the path of meditation. Adding layers gradually, moving at my pace, yet feeling part of a group. Daily meditation has had a tremendous impact on my life. It brings me peace, understanding towards myself and others, and decision-making suddenly becomes natural, from intuition and knowledge! I enjoy each day to the fullest. Dhyan is a wonderful guide, who senses your needs well. Drawing from a rich meditation history, even with my 10 years of experience, it has never had such a (positive) impact on me.

Janet van ZoestJanet van Zoest

This Meditation Course is Unique

  • When practising meditation, you receive personalized guidance.
  • Once the lesson is over, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have via Zoom, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.
  • You get at least one live one-on-one video conversation to discuss your progress and any obstacles you may encounter during your meditation practice.
  • The daily live guided meditations offer real-time guidance to help you deepen and improve your meditation practice.
  • We provide assistance and guidance to help you overcome any obstacles.
  • "Daily live guided meditations can serve as a source of motivation and also remind you to meditate regularly.
  • During our one-on-one video conversation, you will receive personalized guidance to enhance your meditation practice and improve your awareness.

Dhyan has a lot of experience and expertise to teach you how to meditate. With patience and a pleasant voice, he guides you through it. It's very nice that he constantly introduces you to new things to experience and try out. This makes every day a new experience. It's also great that he always takes the time to answer your questions. It's definitely recommended to follow his 3-week online meditation course.

Esther KooimanEsther KooimanCEO

Join Our Daily Morning Meditation Sessions: Choose Your Ideal Time Slot!

Are you looking for a way to start your day with focus and clarity?
Join me for a 21-day morning meditation course for householders.

The course will start on Monday, September 2, 2024, and ends on September 23, 2024. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

The course is designed keeping in mind your busy schedule, and you can attend your preferred session on Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 6:55 AM or 7:00 - 7:30/ 8:00 or from 8:15 to 8:45 AM 

On Saturday and Sunday, only one-time slot will be there from 8:00 - 8:30/9:00 AM. All times are Amsterdam time

Rise and Shine and Transform Your Day with Live Guided Meditations

Wake up with daily live guided meditations before you go to work. And start your day relaxed.


Discover the difference in your meditation journey and join our program to avoid the common pitfalls of solo or app-based meditation.


During our 21-day course, learn to embrace presence and find freedom within.


Enjoy live Zoom sessions with personalized guidance, particularly when facing resistance.


Overcome barriers and achieve meditation success together.


And Experience Meditation Success with Personalized Support!


Practicaly Choose any one of the three-morning sessions that suit you best.

The course starting on 2 September 2024 is designed keeping in mind your busy schedule, and you can attend your preferred session on Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 6:55 AM or 7:00 - 7:30/ 8:00 or from 8:15 to 8:45 AM 

On Saturday and Sunday, only one-time slot will be there from 8:00 - 8:30/9:00 AM.

All times are in the Amsterdam time zone.

The daily morning sessions will be held live via Zoom, and you'll receive the Zoom link and a reminder a few days before the course begins. Though the course is designed to help you cultivate a consistent meditation practice, you can occasionally miss a session.

You can choose to keep the camera on or off. No recordings will be made, as the strength of the course lies in the daily morning sessions.

To make it easier to try the course, you can attend the first five mornings for free.

If you want to continue beyond five mornings, the cost is only 89 euros, which includes the first five days.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal consultation before booking, don't hesitate to contact me via WhatsApp (the button at the bottom right) or email.

Don't miss this opportunity to start your day with a clear and focused mind!


"For the first time since I came home with burnout (almost two years) ago; I sleep well, and the tensions and inflammations in my body are reduced. It is precious to gradually find more silence and peace in my thoughts throughout the day. The guidance of Dhyan Meinoud is from an encouraging friendly presence and with room for questions afterwards."


Dhyan Meinoud

I am Dhyan Meinoud, and meditation has been a part of my life for over two decades.

Through numerous silent retreats, ranging from short to 60 days, I have immersed myself in meditation.


I have travelled worldwide to learn from meditation masters in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Romania, Thailand, and Mexico.

Over the years, I have gained expertise in various forms of meditation, including Vipassana, Kriya, Laya, and Self-Inquiry.

I currently practice Dzogchen, which has brought a new level of tranquility and insight to my life.

Moreover, I have attended workshops on shadow work in the Netherlands and the United States, which have helped me understand the importance of mindfulness in our daily lives.

I am eager to share my knowledge with others who are seeking inner peace and spiritual growth through meditation.

Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the sevice works? Confused about how it can improve your links?

Dive into our FAQ for more details

Why every morning?Doing the morning practice will help you experience benefits throughout the day. For example, you recognise faster when you are stuck in thoughts, and then you have a choice to let them go for more peace of mind.

Do I have to pick a time?No, you can choose your timeslot based on your schedule, and that can change during the week.  Make sure you start at the beginning of your preferred time slot.  The most important thing is that you practice every day. So if your day is not possible from 7.00 to 8.00 but you can at 6.30, then that's fine! Or if you want to sleep in, you can also come from 8.15 - 8.45

What is the difference between the 6.30 - 6.55 am class, and the 7.00 - 8.00 am Amsterdam time?For those who wake up early, a meditation session is available from 6:30 to 6:55. If you are unable to attend this session, there is another one from 7:00 to 8:00. This meditation session is more in-depth, and includes a few standing and breathing exercises to help you calm your mind and support the meditation process.

Do I have to sit all the time during the 1-hour meditation?During meditation from 07:00 to 08:00 Monday through Friday and at weekends, we do several standing postures to stretch the legs.

I can't attend at the weekend. Can I still participate?Yes, you can also participate

What time is the meditation on the weekend?The meditation is on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 - 9.00 Amsterdam time.

We also do a few standing poses to stretch the legs during this hour.

Do I have to sit on a pillow?You may sit on a chair, sofa or cushion in a sitting position. If you lie down, there is a good chance that you will fall asleep.

I can only attend on weekends and not during the week. Can I still participate?Please get in touch with me first at dhyan@dhyanmeinoud.com. It depends on your background in meditation.

Are there recordings of the sessions?No, there are no recordings of the sessions.

The power of this course is to experience a peaceful mind by practising it every day.

Is it also possible to participate, for example, for 10 or 14 mornings?That is possible in consultation.

Send me a message via dhyan@dhyanmeinoud.com or WhatsApp at the bottom right of the website.

Why 21 mornings?What if you could wake up every morning with a calm and peaceful mind?You can make it happen in just 21 days! Don't you want to take control of your inner peace and live your life in tranquillity?

Imagine the value of experiencing a continuous sense of inner peace—no more stress or anxiety disrupting your daily life. You deserve to explore the possibility of a serene mind and start living life to the fullest. So why wait? Start your journey towards inner peace today!

Is there also a meditation day or weekend?Yes, there are silent retreats and meditation days.

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