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Your life is in balance. An easy and fastest way to experience genuine peace, relaxation, and self-confidence.

Do you feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed? Our 21-day morning meditation can help you find peace and relaxation. Enroll now.

Did you know that when you live on autopilot, you are not fully present in the moment and are unaware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions? Below are a few examples of what can happen when you live on autopilot: 1. Mental clutter (stress), burnout, anxiety, and depression can occur more frequently. 2. You may feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled. 3. Life may seem to pass by without you noticing it. 4. Making decisions can be difficult, or you may make poor decisions. 5. Understanding yourself, your needs, boundaries, and values can be challenging. You probably recognize it. Did you know that by meditating daily, you can solve this? So that you have more energy to do fun things with your partner or children.

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Meditating daily for 21 days brings several positive results for you, such as:
  • Much less stress - and a clearer mind - you're not "on" or distracted all the time.
  • Daily meditation helps improve your focus and concentration, making you less susceptible to distractions.
  • These 21 days of meditation increase your self-awareness, giving you a sense of inner peace as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders.
  • You can sleep better.
  • A greater sense of fulfilment and purpose in life, giving you the energy to play with your children again.
  • Improved relationships with your partner and friends because you understand yourself better.

Dhyan, Your strength is, in a simple way, to connect students with inner silence. Your guidance is relaxed and warm. The group energy and also a fixed daily structure are supportive. Always a nice start to the day! What I take away from your courses is that I meditate on a daily basis. Namaste!

Indra BoseIndra BoseOrganiser Yoga Festival Terschelling

Would you like to quickly experience peace of mind and fully engage in life?

Starting Monday, March 4th , 2024, I will offer a course with live guided meditations, allowing you to experience inner peace and relaxation immediately. Improved concentration and focus as well.   This course takes place in the morning via Zoom before you head to work, so you can directly experience the positive effects of the course in your daily life and start your day relaxed.   You can participate in the live course right from your living room.   In 21 days, you will learn the foundation. After the first 21 days, you can decide if you want to strengthen further the foundation by participating for another month.   Each month, you will receive new personalized guidance to continue growing. That's why the price for these 21 days is so low.   I wish for you to grow quickly and effectively and to make progress genuinely.   During the 21 days, you will have at least one personal conversation (sometimes more) about the progress of your meditation and the obstacles you face.   Based on that, I will provide unique instructions to deepen meditation and facilitate growth.   I also give you a WhatsApp helpline if you experience any obstacles during the course.

I had the fortune to find Dhyan on my path. I've been meditating for many years but all the things that are happening in the world nowadays made it difficult for me to find the peace of mind to go back to my meditations routine. I joined only four classes (online and in karunika-Amsterdam) with Dhyan and I'm very grateful to say that I found back the peace I needed to go back to my meditation path. Dhyan is a great teacher, and his classes are always a beautiful experience which I highly recommend

Karen Muñoz CárdenasKaren Muñoz Cárdenas

Do you want real results? Then choose live guided meditations.

99% of the people who start meditating on their own or through an app stop after a few days because they find it too difficult. They don't see any results. It didn't work; their minds were too busy. They become restless. Do you recognize that? I have helped dozens of participants, young (the youngest was 11 years old) and old, to experience what meditation truly is and how it can help you. During these 21 days, you will learn to be fully present. To be completely free and enjoy life from a place of relaxation. These meditations are conducted via Zoom with personal support, especially when you encounter resistance. I can help you overcome that resistance.
This meditation course is unique because:
  • You receive personal guidance while practicing meditation.
  • After the lesson, you can ask questions via Zoom, WhatsApp, or Messenger on Facebook. If necessary, we can also use FaceTime.
  • These are daily live guided meditations where you receive instructions in the moment, allowing you to delve deeper into your meditation.
  • You also receive guidance when you encounter obstacles during meditation, helping you move beyond them.
  • Daily live guided meditation serves as motivation to meditate regularly.
  • You will have at least one live conversation about the progress of your meditation and the obstacles you encounter. Based on that, you will receive unique tailored instructions for your meditation practice, enabling you to grow quickly and effectively.

Dhyan has a lot of experience and expertise to teach you how to meditate. He guides you in this with patience and a pleasant voice. It is excellent that he keeps letting you experience and try new things. So every day is a unique experience. He is also sociable and always takes the time to answer your questions. It is recommended to follow the 3-week online meditation with him

Esther KooimanEsther KooimanTeacher


Start Monday 4 March - 24 March 2024

From Monday to Friday, I offer three-morning sessions each day, and you are free to choose which time suits you. For example, on Monday from 6:30 - 6:55 and the rest of the week from 8:15 - 8:45.   All times are Amsterdam times (The Netherlands) First session: Monday - Friday 6.30 - 6.55 AM or Second session: Monday - Friday 7.00 - 8.00 AM (we will do some standing exercises halfway through) or Third session: Monday - Friday 8.15 - 8.45 AM   On Saturday and Sunday, I offer one-morning session: Meditation from 8:00 - 9:00 AM with standing exercises.   The course is live-streamed with ZOOM.   A few days before the start of the course, you will receive the Zoom link and a reminder.   You can occasionally miss a morning or a weekend.   Open to beginners and advanced practitioners.   You can choose to have your camera on or off.   There are no recordings because the strength of this course lies in the daily practice in the morning.   You can try the first five days for free, and if you want to continue beyond five days, the cost is 89 euros, which includes the first five days.   If you'd like personal contact before booking, you can reach me via WhatsApp (using the button on the bottom right) or email at dhyan@stilteweekend.com.

"For the first time since I came home with burnout (almost two years) ago; I sleep well, and the tensions and inflammations in my body are reduced. It is precious to gradually find more silence and peace in my thoughts throughout the day. The guidance of Dhyan Meinoud is from an encouraging friendly presence and with room for questions afterwards."


Dhyan Meinoud

I am Dhyan Meinoud, and I have over 20 years of experience in meditation.   Over the past years, I have practised and immersed myself in meditation through numerous (solo) silent retreats, ranging from short to 60 days.   I have visited meditation masters in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Romania, Thailand, and Mexico. I have received teachings for many years in Vipassana meditation, Kriya, Laya, Self-Inquiry, and my current practice in Dzogchen.   Additionally, I have attended workshops on shadow work in the Netherlands and the United States.

Very lovely to join Dhyan's meditation online for 21 days. There is a lot of room for silence and at the same time, Dhyan knows how to bring back attention in a pleasant way. It helped me to be closer to myself during this period.


Great meditation sessions that respond to the current events and needs of all participants. Dhyan is also a wonderfully beautiful human being.

Domien de VriesDomien de VriesCoach and Interim Manager
  • try 5 days for free (4 - 8 March 2024)
  • 21 days "A peaceful mind" course - 89 Euro daily morning life practice - deep focus for more joy (4 - 20 March 2024)
  • "Live via Zoom, with real-time instructions to assist you as effectively as possible."
  • You can ask live questions about your meditation to the teacher Dhyan Meinoud

After the meditation, my body experiences deep rest. I then feel at peace with myself. Then I come back to my being-essence.

Vicky RoelandVicky Roeland

Do you want to live your life with more peace, relaxation and self-confidence?

This monthly 21-day course can be life-changing. Live in more authentic, free and with joy and happiness. Imagine living with an open heart and creating a life of your dreams without holding yourself back.
If you have any questions you can email: dhyan@stilteweekend.com or text me with the WhatsApp in the bottom right corner.  
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Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the service works? 

Dive into our FAQ for more details

Why every morning?Doing the morning practice will help you experience benefits throughout the day. For example, you recognise faster when you are stuck in thoughts, and then you have a choice to let them go for more peace of mind.

Do I have to pick a time?Please let us know in advance what you usually prefer. The most important thing is that you practice every day. So if your day is not possible from 7.00 to 8.00 but you can at 6.30 then that's fine! Or if you want to sleep in, you can also come from 8.15 - 8.45

What is the difference between the 6.30 - 6.55 am class, and the 7.00 - 8.00 am Amsterdam time?The meditation from 6.30 - 6.55 is for early risers. Those who can't from 7.00 - 8.00 and want to experience the power of daily meditation. The meditation from 7.00 - 8.00 is more profound, and we do a few standing exercises and breathing exercises to support the meditation and a calm head.

Do I have to sit all the time during the 1-hour meditation?During the meditation from 07:00 to 08:00 from Monday to Friday and at weekends, we do several standing postures to stretch the legs.

I can't attend at the weekend. Can I still participate?Yes, you can also participate

What time is the meditation on the weekend?The meditation is on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 - 9.00 Amsterdam time. We also do a few standing poses to stretch the legs during this hour.

Do I have to sit on a pillow?You may sit on a chair, sofa or cushion in a sitting position. If you lie down, there is a good chance that you will fall asleep.

I can only attend on weekends and not during the week. Can I still participate?Please contact me first dhyan@stilteweekend.com. It depends on your background in meditation.

Are there recordings of the sessions?No, there are no recordings of the sessions. The power of this course is to experience a peaceful mind by practising it every day.

Is it also possible to participate, for example, for 10 or 14 days?That is possible in consultation. Send me a message via dhyan@stilteweekend.com or WhatsApp at the bottom right of the website.

Why 21 days?Twenty-one days help you to explore tranquillity in your head. What is it worth to you to experience a continuous peaceful mind? In August, it is because of vacation for 14 days.

Is there also a meditation day or weekend?Yes, there are silent retreats and meditation days. Sign up for the newsletter. I will inform you through the newsletter: https://laposta.nl/f/ssmbcksdwrvv

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