7/14 or 21 days meditation courses

The next 7/14/21 meditation course starts 3 of March 2022  Realize all the benefits of daily meditation

Everything You Need To Know

Daily guided meditation course from 6:30- 6:55 AM and/or 7:00 - 8:00 AM  live-streamed with ZOOM starting 3 of March. (weekend we start one hour later ❤️️ ).  And yes, you can ask questions and share your experiences. Amsterdam/Berlin time, no experience needed. You don't need to sit all the time. 

Dhyan, Your strength is, in a simple way, to connect students with inner silence. Your guidance is relaxed and warm. The group energy and also a fixed daily structure are supportive. Always a nice start to the day! What I take away from your courses is that I meditate on a daily basis. Namaste!

Indra BoseIndra BoseYoga Teacher and Organiser of Yoga Terschelling Festival

Take the next step

This course is for those who want to take the next step in their spiritual evolution.    To be free of limiting beliefs. Free of feeling anxious, angry, free of running away from your past.    You learn to trust yourself no matter what happens. You learn to be grounded out of love for yourself and all sentient beings.  

Live with an open heart

Live with an open mind and open heart leaving fear behind.  During this course, you will learn to stay firmly on the ground.  Connected to yourself and being grounded in this present moment.  You recognize your own limits. You can respond more authentically from rest and relaxation.

Create freedom within.

By recognising your inner critic. 

you're self-judgement. 


During this course, you learn how to dissolve your inner critic, your self-judgment, fears and anxiety.


So you can live authentic, real in presence.



Dhyan Meinoud

Dhyan Meinoud has more than 18 years of experience in meditation. He practised meditation in many (solo) silent retreats from short to very long.   He loves to share meditation with many people so that you can also experience peace and stillness in yourself.   Dhyan sees that so many people, young and old are under stress, fear and anxiety and he feels their suffering.   This meditation helps you to relax in yourself. To be yourself, to be connected to who you are.   To let go of overthinking, fear and anxiety.    No longer under constant stress. So that you can finally be free. You will enjoy life more and truly see.

Great meditation sessions that respond to the current events and needs of all participants. Dhyan is also a wonderfully beautiful human being.

DomienDomienLife Coach and Actor

Live Your Best Life

Live a life aligned with your heart and be grounded in this present moment.   Most of you want to live a meaningful and happy life.   Learn how to live your best life and apply these practical meditation tips to start living your best life today.   
  • 7 days meditation course - 29 Euro
  • 14 days meditation course - 55 Euro
  • 21 days meditation course - 75 Euro

You wish to be more authentic? Then book your place now.

This 7/14/21 days meditation course can be life-changing. Live in more authentic, free and with joy and happiness. Imagine living a life with an open heart and creating a life of your dreams without holding yourself back.
If you have any questions you can email: dhyan@stilteweekend.com or text me with the WhatsApp in the bottom right corner.  
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