Do you want to experience less stress? And be more in Harmony?

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Our 21 Day meditation Challenge, starting 7 of January 2021

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Do you want to create more inner tranquillity?

Receive the tools on how to meditate and use pranayama (breathwork) as support for your meditation and your wellbeing.

Experience the power of meditating together.

You will build a strong fundament for your meditation practice.

All levels are welcome!

The Program Covers

Mindful meditation

Master your monkey mind
· Reduce stress
· Manage your negative emotions
· Enjoy your life more

Become the observer of your thoughts and emotions.

Stop getting caught up in your emotions.
Have more focus.
Increase mental clarity.
Develop compassion for you and others.
Be more authentic, more present with others.

is meditation easy?

This 21 days meditation challenge is for you to help you start to have a formal meditation practice. 

You can ask questions. I can support you in your practice.


Meditation is not about having a quiet mind.


It is about being present with whatever there is, including sounds, thoughts and emotions.


Accepting everything as it is, without wanting to change it or run away from it.


The guided meditations will help and support your meditation practice.  The result of this 21-day challenge is you are aware of your way if working your mind. Manage negative emotions, have more clarity and less stress.


I am delighted that you already read this part.

Please take your next step and book this meditation challenge.

Commit your self to daily guided meditations for more sustained results. 




Pranayama (breathwork)

For this challenge, I will share with you different pranayama (breathwork) techniques. These techniques help you to quiet the mind and prepare it for meditation. These techniques are suitable for all levels.


We may use:

Savitri pranayama


Maha yogi breath

Bhastrika pranayama

Nadi Shodhana

9 purification breaths

Ajapa Darana


And some other techniques, to support your meditation.

Book your meditation challenge now and start transforming your mind and life.

Live Guided meditation at home

Live-streamed guided meditation for you.


I will help you to go deeper in your meditation and to be more focussed. 

You can sit on a chair, sofa or a cushion as you like. 

And we do some standing exercises in between so you do not need to sit all the time. 


Join this meditation challenge and change the way you experience life.


After the challenge, you will be able to meditate by your self. 

Dhyan Meinoud

Dhyan has been practising meditation for more than 17 years.


He learned from teachers from different traditions around the world.

These teachers inspired him not only to listen but also to investigate the teaching by practising for long periods in silence.

Dhyan has completed a yin yoga TTC in Amsterdam, and his current meditation practice is Dzogchen.

He welcomes beginners and advanced students to his classes.


Meditation is about accepting everything as it is without wanting to change it, hold on to it, resist it or running from it.


"The joy of Being."


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